It’s no fun being conventional. When it comes to dining off the beaten path, we like to think we’ve mastered it. We know Jersey has high standards, especially when it comes to pizza and beer. So from the moment we opened our doors in summer 2015, we were up for the challenge.

Our avant-garde apps will convert your stomach to eccentric eating from the get. Ease into your meal with beer-based chili in a sourdough bread bowl, beer-braised chicken wings dusted with Louisiana spices or creamy avocado egg rolls, all great for sharing (or not—we don’t judge).

Flex your taste buds in a whole new way with our specialty personal-sized sourdough flatbreads pizzas. Forget about pepperoni, mushrooms and the like. Think beer-braised pork, cilantro-lime chicken, sliced steak and tons of bacon. Yeah, bacon. Bacon makes us blush, too.

But our microbrew-only libations are our real claim to fame. We firmly believe any strict macro drinker can be converted by one of our knowledgeable beertenders. We have 41 rotating taps and 300+ bottles, many from NJ breweries. There’s cider and wine, too, for those of you who swing that way.

Here’s the thing: to us, beer and food is love and vice versa. We’re ready to make you happy. Our artichoke heart’s on our sleeve and it’s panko breaded with a side of garlic cream sauce. Whether you’re looking for a hot fling behind the back of your local pizza shop or a long-term affair with the finest brews in the area, we’re down if you are.